Malawi National park


The world’s first freshwater national park and a World Heritage Site, is at Cape Maclear.


The park includes a land area around the cape and bay as well as the Lake and islands up to 100 meters (330ft) off shore. Here is a veritable aquarium of tropical fish providing a colorful kaleidoscopic display. The countless thousands of freshwater fish, the mbuna, are more abundant and varied here than anywhere else in the world. Boats are available for hire and the fish will feed directly from the hand.


Liwonde National Park

Situated on the very south of Lake Malawi, Liwonde National Park (338 km2), is lined on the west side by yhe banks of the lake and those of the Shire river.

Beacause of the big variety of the environement: Shire river, swamps and lagoons, bays savanna, plains and forests, the park offers a very rich fauna.

So, the park is a favorite place for observation of animals such as elephants, hippopotamus, crocodiles and also kudus, lions, leopards, black rhinoceros and numerous animals.

Passionate people of bird watching will be able very easily to observe rare species as the hawk fisher, the owl fisher, the heron and also the vultures.

Among activities, safaries are organized on boat, on foot or in 4 wheel drive.