These interesting species lives in Lake Malawi


Tilapia rendalli is the only Lake Malawi cichlid that guards its eggs and young on the substrate instead of in the mother's mouth. Tyrannochromis polyodon an ambush predator grows much larger than the other cichlid species.


"Chrysonotus" means "golden back." One of the Utaka, Copadichromis chrysonotus is an example of the use of this name. Bagrus meridionalis catfishes have been observed to have fishlice nibbled from them by Maylandia crabro, sometimes called the Bumblebee cichlid. A "lepidophage" is a creature that feeds on scales. Several Lake Malawi cichlid species have this unusual diet, sneaking scales from cichlids or other fishes. A freshwater sponge, known as Malawispongia lives in Lake Malawi, and only there.


Away from the Lake, the park has baboons, antelope and hyrax, and, of course, there is a great variety of birdlife including fish eagles, cormorants and hamerkops.